Supply Chain

CBD's demand is rapidly outpacing its regulation. So, how do we ensure that manufacturers and consumers get the quality products that they need? Introducing the Mile High Labs CBD Supply Chain. Through our commitment to transparency, traceability and compliance, we guarantee that what you're getting in your CBD is what you read on the label. It's a promise we keep throughout our entire process—from the farm, to the lab, to you.

  • CBD COAs are A Snap With Our Client Portal

    Scan the QR code or enter your lot number to instantly access certificates of analysis, safety data sheets, harvest information and more. Our Client Portal system means the CBD documents you depend on are always secure, available and immutable. It’s an extra layer of trust and transparency you can only get with Mile High Labs.

Your CBD Shipment is Secured

We care about our CBD, and we know you do too. Upon request, we can embed sensors in your order to provide real-time tracking and protect the integrity of our high-value CBD ingredients.

  • Location

    Real-time GPS Accuracy

  • Temperature

    Accurate readings from -15c to +50c

  • Humidity

    Monitored between 0-100%

  • Box Opened

    Track suspicious activity

  • Damage

    Alerted if a .4 second freefall occurs

  • Tilt & Orientation

    Monitor potentially damaging movement

  • Room for CBD to Move and Grow

    As the market continues to grow, so does Mile High Labs. With 125,000-square-feet of warehouse space, we’re capable of safely storing, tracking and distributing virtually all of the global market’s CBD products—and then some.

  • Great CBD Starts with Great Hemp

    Mile High’s end-to-end GMP certified process begins with rigorous hemp testing. We test every lot of biomass for potency, condition, pesticides and heavy metals. Our network of partnered cultivators adhere to the highest standards and farming practices in the industry, ensuring a reliable supply of the highest-quality CBD biomass.